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Ill try to keep this simple and sweet.

A few weeks ago, the card reader, worked fine via the USB at the back of the computer.

I shot some pics the other day, popped in the UltraII (512) into the reader and then in My Computer, the drive disappeared.

SanDisk tech. supp. said, unplug it, plug it back in and try again. I did.
So the computer found it and made a drive for it.

I put the same UltraII card back in the reader and it didnt register, in fact, the entire reader just disappeared again.
So a 3rd time, did the same thing, unplugged the reader and back in it went again, computer, recognized it and there was the reader sitting and waiting.
Told the tech.supp. i was putting in a Lexar card and not to take it personally (lol)...it worked.

Essentially he said, download the pics from your camera to your computer via the cable it comes with then format the card in your camera, did that, took some pics, popped in the card and again, the card reader disappeared.

Any experience this?
Im assuming it's something with the card?
Maybe something i toggled inside my D70 with the menu settings?

Thanks for reading this guys.
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Hmmmm....given that you Sandisk card and reader...

I would guess that perhaps you did something with CF while in your D70.

Here are two suggestions:

See if you can copy photos to hard drive via USB cable attached to your D70.

If successful, remove USB cable from D70 and reformat your CF in the camera.

Then try again and see how card works in the reader.

You have not mentioned Operating System (OS) of your PC.

Per Sandisk web site, PCs w/Win 2000 with Service Pack 2 (or earlier) should install the software for the reader.

Often, my Sandisk 8-in-1 reader will not be detected on boot of my win xp pc.

When I remove reader USB cable from USB port and reinsert, it detects everytime.

Once, I removed my Sandisk Ultra II CF too early from a reader. Though photos had copied to hard drive and were absent on the card, the "space" on the card was still taken up by the "ghost" of the images copied. A reformat in cam (Olympus E20) solved the problem.

Hope this helps

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