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gerg Feb 5, 2005 10:13 PM

Was attempting to create two FAT16 partitions on my 4G microdrive (have done partitioningbefore on other drives successfully). In order to start, I removed the FAT32 partition (the 3.x gig portion). Now, I cannotmake a new partition (even a FAT32 one). Fdisk on a Win95 machine won't work (doesn't show the space at all)(in fact after booting, it doesn't find ANY drives), Disk Management on a Win 2000 has the create partition greyed out, as does XP . . . why can I not partition this drive at all?

calr Feb 7, 2005 12:23 AM

You should never try to use your computer to format a microdrive or memory card. The FAT table format used by the camera is not the same as that used by the PC. My only suggestion is to try reformatting the drive in the camera and see if it still works. There are some data recovery programs that might be able to partition the drive but I don't know for sure. Good Luck.

Cal Rasmussen

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