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Default Horror Story

Well, whip me ,beat me, abuse me but don't say I told you so! I have five 256mb cards from Robanton. I bought these some three years ago and have used them in my Olympus E-10 with no issues. Three months ago I bought a Canon EOS 10D. One day while shooting I got an ERROR 02, I removed the card and when I emptied the card I had lost 18 images. The weekks following I had another problem with this card and I was not able to do anything at all with the card. I convinced myself that it was just a card failure and let it go at that. TA DA...yesterday after a family outing a second card errored and when I powered down and back up again the camera issued a bad card warning. I could not do anything on my PC with this card and I am unable to format it, it just says Bad card! I think the off brand cards don't keep up with the 10D's speed and it corrupts the filr format of the card. I bring this up both as a question and a warning for others. Any similar experiences?
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I don't know if you know this, but when the cards are factory formatted, they map the memory and identify any bad blocks. The addresses are held in the low level file format - which you can't normally get at.

Over time, I've often wondered whether a card can develop more bad memory blocks. The only way to tell is to look at this table you can't get at, re-format the card (low level wise) and see if the bad block count has changed - at worst gone up. That would give a good indicator of the longevity of cheaper brands.

The only thing you can do is to run CFPEP.exe on a Dazzle reader. This effectively low level formats the card, rescans and checks for bad blocks, and updates the table. Check the maximum card capacity size before and after. If size decreases, you've lost a bit of memory now marked as bad.
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