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Most readers come with SMPrep somewhere on their driver disk:
Wrong!! SMPrep, CFPREP, are proprietary utilities of 'SM micro'. So if like me you ditched your cheapie Taiwan reader for a DAZZLE (SM micro in disguise- they're probably selling to Jessops as well!), you have no probs. - and you can burn dvd slideshows as well!

However all is not lost. CF prep is the lazy way. Get yourself a registered copy of WinHex. The pc literate way is to trawl the WinHex FAQ's or Google Oly's and the bytes you have to change will be found.

There's an easier way. If you have a genuine Oly card and OEMs the same size, just image the Oly card (preferably blank, save compressed) with WinHex and write it to your OEM card!! Then ever after you have your very own 'CFOlyPrep' or 'BadOlyFormat' recovery file. Shhhh.... this works for all cam models as well if you are running WinOS without DOS 16 bit FAT format options.

PS: You can probably get away with imaging and saving the first 16 sectors!

Have a nice day - VOX
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voxmagna, that is neat! I have a SM reader that doesn't have SMPREP, and I always have to borrow one from someonce else to do the Oly SMPREP thing. So I have the masters, I'll just image those cards and then I'm set for the future.

Great stuff, I was going to buy a Zio (redundant, because already have SM reader), now I don't have to.

I presume that I should have no problem writing to the CIS area of the SM card with WinXP? Or is there a problem there?
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