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matt81 Mar 13, 2003 7:21 PM

How much to get ???
at 4MP a shot how many pictures should u get at high res I thopught 4 MP u get 4 pictures on a 16 MB stick but not ture can anyone give me a rough guess?

Gimli Mar 13, 2003 7:40 PM

My 2.1MP camera gives me 30 pictures at its best (low compression) resolution on a 64MB SD card.

2.1MP is roughly 1632x1232 resolution which turns out to be about 900kb per photo (low compression)

I tried to do a quick search on the web but couldnt find any better info, but I'm sure the right answer is out there, mine will give you roughly an idea.

matt81 Mar 13, 2003 7:45 PM

Thank you just one of the camera looking at tell me that at high res 2272x1704 JIFF it does only 1 picture on a 16MB stick... Seems like bad compression ratio to me?

matt81 Mar 13, 2003 7:47 PM

at 1600 to 1200 res in TIFF which is the only format it does it only gets 2 frames is a frame one picture mabe that is what is throwing me off.

Gimli Mar 13, 2003 8:17 PM

Oops just a correction I don't use a 64Mb card, I am using a 32Mb card for my camera

NHL Mar 13, 2003 8:36 PM


at 1600 to 1200 res in TIFF which is the only format it does it only gets 2 frames is a frame one picture mabe that is what is throwing me off.
From the S414 that you were looking at, Tiff (Super Fine) is non-compressed. Fine mode, the least compressed jpeg, is what you want. BTW theses are just estimate, in real-life each picture file size might be smaller so you're usually getting more!

Approximate storage capacity of a 16 MB CompactFlash card:

_______2272x1704 1600x1200 1280x960 640x480

Super Fine 1 frame 2 frames 3 frames 13 frames
Fine Mode 6 frames 12 frames 17 frames 34 frames
Standard 11 frames 19 frames 26 frames 42 frames
Economy 17 frames 27 frames 33 frames 48 frames
Movie† 51 seconds (320 x 240)

* Actual number of images may vary depending upon the subject and memory card used.
** Still images are recorded without voice memo.
† Total number of seconds that can be stored.

matt81 Mar 14, 2003 3:07 PM

Thank you for clearing that up, ok new line of questions are being spawned form all that been answered do some cameras compress files of the same size better what I mean in english is

If the same picture taking with 2 different cameras
camera #1 compresses a 1200X600 to 1024KB
camera #2 compresses a 1200X600 to 750 KB

DO cameras all have the same compression for what is beening photographyed or are some better at it?

matt81 Mar 14, 2003 3:33 PM

ok here aother question do Smart media vs compact flash type I vs Compact type II vs what ever other there is save it better faster smaller???

matt81 Mar 14, 2003 3:45 PM

TIFF: Lossless image is not compressedat all 3MP picture can be 9MB
JPEG: ability to reduce an image file size by 8 or 10 to 1 without any degradation in image quality 3MP in this is about 1.5 MB
about 8-10times compressed form TIFF

voxmagna Mar 14, 2003 5:16 PM


without any degradation in image quality
You can't make this kind of general statement about JPEG compression. The amount of degradation depends on the picture scene. More detail in the pic. will show more degradation with higher compression.

Shoot at the highest quality (lowest compression, biggest file) you think you can afford memory for and the cam can handle without slowing up.

Sounds like you need to search this forum for previous posts, and checkout the specs and Steve's reviews where all your questions will have been answered! If you need to know how many pics particular cams take in their modes, the info is often in manufacturers handbooks, downloaded from their websites.

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