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I have an IMPACT brand 128MB SD card that I was going to use with my new Kodak DX7440 (has not arrived yet), but I have been researching the subject and found that read/write speed, and brand reliability should be considered. I cannot find any info anywhere on the brand IMPACT except UK websites, (and they are just selling them; no specifications). I bought mine at Wal-Mart approximately a year ago for $20.00, so I am assuming it's not the highest quality. I just want to make sure that if I use this card I don't slow down the cameras operation or risk loss or quality of my pictures. Could someone please give me information on this SD card or tell me where I should look? And if you think I should get a different card, which one? Anyone have any thoughts on the "SimpleTech STI-SD/512 512 MB SecureDigital Card"?



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The Simpletech Secure Digital cards in larger sizes use Panasonic Components (which are very fast).

As for your existing SD Card, it's likely using the same components as the Sandisk Standard SD Cards (many inexpensive cards do).

Panasonic, Toshiba and Sandisk jointly developed Secure Digital media. So, most other manufactuers are simply using rebranded components from one of the "big 3" SD manufacturers.

As for whether or not your Kodak can take advantage of a faster card is another story. Some models can, and some models can't. Most Secure Digital Cards (even slow ones) are rated at around 2mb/second (and many cameras won't take advantage of anything faster).

In larger sizes (> 128mb), Panasonic Cards (and cards using Panasonic Components) are very fast, as are the Sandisk Ultra II SD Cards (these are all around 9 - 10mb/second).

There are also some newer SD Cards just starting to ship that are even faster. Sandisk has a new Extreme III series that is rated at 20mb/second, and Panasonic has a new Pro series that's also 20mb/second. It's very unlikely that any cameras can take advantage of this much speed yet, though.
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Thanks for the quick response. What about reliability? Are there certain cards out there that should be avoided? Is an SD card as reliable as the internal memory of the camera?

Thanks again,

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The Impact memory cards are made by Lexar. Or at least that was what I was told by the photo manager at my local Wal Mart. I was skeptical but the warranty information on the package listed the Lexar address and phone number (although there was no mention of Lexar on the package). Mine has proven to be very reliable.

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