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Default Ipod Belkin Media Reader

I'm taking a trip to Italy for 2.5 weeks in May, and I need a way to back up my photos while there.

I do not currently own and ipod, but I would like a hard drive based mp3 player, and it seems this media reader accessory would be a good reason to justify buying an ipod. However I've read some mixed reviews about reliability of the product.

I certainly don't want to go buy an ipod so that I can use it as a backup device only to find out that the media reader sucks.

I'm sure some of you either have this thing or have looked into it, and I'd be interested in hearing what you've got to say.

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I read that the media-reader sucks so badly by the time you finish a 512MB download, the battery of your iPod would have been drained out totally:


Was toying with the idea of getting the iPod for image storage but I guess it's best we stick to those gadgets dedicated to such a function. After all, iPod is an MP3 player. My sources tell me that Phototainer (www.phototainer.com) is the best one out there for now, so do check it out. Also, Nikon has the competing Coolwalker and Epson the P-1000, neither of which is available in this part of the world (Singapore).

Good luck.

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Its a tough decision about what to buy, because I've gotta ask what am I buying it for?

I can buy a storage device that doubles as an mp3 player, but many of them aren't great mp3 players.

I think for my purposes, I'll be able to buy a cheaper but decent mp3 player. Amazon has Archo mp3 jukebox for $130, with rebate. That'll fill a niche.

As for storage, I think I can probably get 400+ images at decent res on a 512mb CF card with my dad's Canon A80. If I have two of those, I should be good for a rather long period of time. Long enough till I find an internet cafe and can either hook up an mp3 player that doubles as a portable hard drive or to burn images from the CF card.

That's that...the ipod is too much money for what you get, and probably not a good solution for backing up pictures.
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