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Or are they in the same crowd as generic. I picked up a Kingston 4GB 133x CF for $12. The price makes me think it's in the generic league.

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I wouldn't put Kingston in the same league as Lexar and SanDisk, but I wouldn't call them 'generic' either. Let's call them a 'second tier' provider.

Kingston cranks out a lot of mediocre stuff, but has never actually been an innovator, like Lexar and SanDisk.

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From http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/flash-memory.htm

"In fact, flash memory is known as a solid state storage device, meaning there are no moving parts -- everything is electronic instead of mechanical."

......quality of all materials and construction rate high in the manufacture with electrical and heat tolerances playing the major role.

I use a couple Kingston cards including a Kingston/elite pro 4GB 133X which I purchased for under 20$. I also use some 2GB SanDisk and Sony branded cards @ 133X which did cost more.

I shoot only RAW and quite a lot of 5fps burst @ 3 to 6 frames, 133x works just fine for my usage and the Kingston/elite pro card plays that game for me.

I too have used Kingston branded computer memory in a number of PC computers now for many years................with never a memory failure.

While there are a lot of odd-name brands of flash memory devices I would not use, Kingston certainly makes some quality cards as does Lexar and a host of others.

San Disk created the process. Kingston is a respected name amongst flash memory and RAM makers. Use the best of the best that you can afford and have fun.
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Although I have been using transcend cards in my cameras for a while... thanks to Jim Cs recommendations, I do have kingston memory sticks in my Durabook laptop and never had an issue.

Never used a kingston memory card. I have used 2GB sandisc Ultra II CF, Transcend CF (4GB, 8GB and 16GB all 133x), 4GB PQI 100x CF, Fuji and Olympus xD H 1GBand M series 256, 512 ands 1GBcards and olympus Smart Media cards 32 and 64MB. Plus I even had an early camera (my second one)for 3 years (2000 --> 2003) with 120MB floppy discs).

Then in 2003 --> I had an olympus camera that used smart media cards

April 2005 --> 2006 Fuji with xD

Summer 2006 -->2008 Fuji with xD and CF (quicky as cards moved up in size changed from 2GB to 4GB to 8GB to 16GB cards....... the 4GB PQI card proved to work for stills but dropped frames when I used it to shoot video). The last 3 memory cards I got were all transcend CF cards.

October 2008 --> Sony A200 that uses CF cards (16GB 133x transcend loaded)

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