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I'm looking for a 256 SD. I found two cards, wich appear to be good given their brands, that have similar writing speeds.

Kingston Elite Pro Hi-Speed

Reading: 8.2mb/s
Writing: 7.7mb/s
Price: 42.45€

Twinmos Ultra x (they got the wrong pic displayed)

Reading: 6mb/s
Writing: 4.8mb/s
Price: 33.50€

1- What will the difference in performance between both regarding the reading speed? Is ti only during playback?

2-Is it worth the extra 10€ for the Kingston? This for a Casio Z3, a Canon SD110 (Ixus IIs), Minolta G400.
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Very few companies make SD cards, in fact I think its only 3 (SanDisk does, I forget the other two.) I don't believe ither Kingston or Twinmos are on that list.

The difference will be in a movie mode (if the cameras have them) and maybe only margionally in write mode. In play back there might be a slight difference as well.

The odds are that both will be "camera limited", in other words the camera just can write that fast, so it won't take advantage of the high speeds of either card.

Personally, Kingston is a known brand to me... I'd be willing to pay an extra 10 for them over a brand that I've never heard of. When you loose pictures, it really makes you mad.

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