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Good point. I realize that, atleast with the 5700, 18x is pretty much the most I'd get in matching the camera hardware. However, for a few dollers more 40x would be worth it as the next camera would more than likely take advantage of faster CF cards.

In my case, I'll need a 1GB CF soon and whatever the local shop has in a Lexar is the one I'll go for, be it 22, 30 or 40X.
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Eventually you will max out how fast the card reader works, but it is my understanding that that is a rather high number (on well made readers.) So I would expect to see much faster times with the faster cards.

It should be noted that reading is much faster than writing with flash based memory. So you should check what your card is rated at for reading (if that is listed.) I could see two cards rated at different write speeds be the same read speed. Possible, yes. Likely? No.

Well, now... look at this! Here is a comparison of multipel cards being testing in multiple readers:

When you do your test with RAW images on your 5700, make sure its uncompressed RAW. Compressed raw is camera limited, not flash limited. (I know the D100 has both types of raw, I assume the 5700 does.)

On, and last I knew Lexar maxed at 32x for 1G cards (and 40x for 512MB)
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what about power consumption of differnt cards?
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