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KQ0B Sep 22, 2004 4:00 PM

The following questions are related since they both pertain to Sony cameras. Anyone out there using the P41 and P52 DSC Cybershots?

I need to purchase memory sticks for a P52 DSC Sony camera. Must I use Sony or can I buy SanDisk which is a lot cheaper?

Same question on a P41 Sony camera I am about to buy for a friend can I use SanDisk or Sony?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have only used Sony memory sticks in the past in my camera but a friend I am visiting in Brasil wants to buy another memory stick brand other than Sony.

Cybershot455 Sep 23, 2004 4:23 AM

I have a P52 (and a P10), they use Sandisk sticks with no problems. In the UK if you look arounda Sandisk might be almost half that of a Sony for any particular size. There is no reason to get a Sony!

My last Sandisk was a 2x 128MB (with the switch to select A or B), it was fantastic value and far cheaper than a 256 Memory Stick Pro or two separate 128MB cards.


KQ0B Sep 23, 2004 9:52 AM

David thanks a lot. I am going today to purchase the SanDisk. Sony would not say they wouldn't work but thats because they are pushing their own product.

again thanks for the reply

kjeal Oct 30, 2004 6:03 AM

where did you get yours from?

i'm debating on whether to get a 512 or 1024 stick from the UK or from overseas.....

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