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Default NEED memory card help badly!!

HELP!! Someone in my "household" has deleted my photos off my memory card and I NEED to prove that they were deleted. Here is what I know:

1.When I scroll through my pictures on my card my last photo showing I took is #359/446 dated 8/20/09 at 10:59am.
2. The next pictures is #360/446 dated 8/20/09 at 11:22am.

I am missing pictures between these two times 10:59am and 11:222am.

I have downloaded card recovery from the internet and it is recoverying ALL files and the following has happened:

1. The first item above is actually file #389 dated 8/20/09
2. The second item above is actually file #391 dated 8/20/09
3. File #390(the file # between the two ) is a picturect taken 8/21/09 at 11:000am.

I have 3 Questions:

1. why are the file numbers different from when I scroll on the camera to when I am recovering the files?
2. Does this mean that there are 30 pictures deleted from the card that are being recovered hence the difference between the numbers #359 and #389?
3. Does this PROVE that files WERE deleted because a "new" picture dated the following day inserted itself between the 2 previous days files because if pictures are deleted any new pictures can "re-use" the same files that have been deleted?

Please help me in any way possilbe to clarify this!

Thank you so much!
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If you delete images, it's not uncommon for a camera to reuse those image numbers (especially if they were the highest image numbers currently on the card). But, some recovery software doesn't retain the original filenames.

To see the actual date and time of the images you recovered using recovery software (when they were really taken, versus created/modified date time stamps used by the file system), use an EXIF viewer that can tell you the date/time a photo was taken (that information is in a header located inside of the actual image, and is separate from any date/time stamps the file system is using).

Here's an example of a free viewer you can see this information with:

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