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So the card reader in my 2004 laptop wouldn't read any cards biger than 2 gigs, and I figure the age its manufacture had something to do with it.

I want to start using my ancient Nikon Coolpix 2100 again

but I want to put a decent size mem card in it, not the ridiculous 32 MB thing from back when I last used it.

The Nikon support forum says the camera's been tested to work with various 1gigcards, but I'd prefer to go no smaller than 2gig.

Does anyone have an informedidea about whether a 2gb card will or won't work with that old camera?

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Going from 2GB to 4GB crosses a line between FAT16 and FAT32. Some cameras support FAT32 and can use cards 4GB and larger, and some cameras don't and are limited to using cards 2GB and smaller. That's the only reason a camera can use a card of one capacity, but not use a card of another capacity.

And, btw, I routinely use 2GB cards in my Nikon Coolpix 880, which predates your 2100 by about 3 years.
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Thanks! Just the kind of info I needed.
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I have a Minolta of the same age, and it is able to use 2GB cards with no problem. I don't recall if it is able to go larger than that, though. I think that the lastest firmware update for it does allow >2GB cards. My Pentax, also from the same year definitely can use the larger CF cards. You may want to check the Nikon website for updated firmware for the camera.

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