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I found this Databank yesterday when I decided to upgrade my laptop hard-drive and was looking for a unique way to make it useful. Anyways, I looked at a pile of different portable Data drives w/ memory card readers or simply function as a "On-the-go" USB 2.0 host. You can see a ton of these OTG Portable drives on ebay ie: Digimate, Look, etc.. For more informaton on OTG look up USB2.0. I found a Taiwanese webpage that has pretty much all the Portable Data drives that I considered to be good ... to bad it was about 2-3 hours after I started looking:


At first I thought the CompactDrive PD70X was one for me. However despite the CompactDrive PD70X being faster, having better battery life and better battery setup and the electronics superior, it was just too big for my "wallet":


Therefore I have concluded that the portable drive that suits my needs best is represented by the Media Drive - Digital Data Bank. Still I want to see what others think before dropping the cash.


Just click on the rectangle that says "Mediasonic" Data Bank with 16in1 Card Reader. Despite the fact that the Canadian Distributor advertises the product as the Mediasonic Data Bank ... I think the actual name of the manufacturer is Media Drive.

I sent an email for the dimensions and perhaps a couple of pics of it in someones hand. I'll update this post as soon as I get any more information.
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If you're wondering about its size you'll get minimum easily.
Fact it uses 2.5" HD means it's width is at least that... basing to images other dimension is that doubled, also thickness might be little over inch.
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Yeah, that's what I figured. But it's alot smaller than the Xdrives and anything else I've found. It's almost comparable to a 1.8" size. It depends on the design. I've found alot of similar 2.5" devices to be about 3cms thick and little bit wider and longer as well. I just wanted to see if there is anything similar out there that I haven't found and to let people know there's a good looking and fairly compact 2.5" Portable Data Bank that could help out some Photo Enthusiats. It'll definitely save me money on MemoryStick and CompactFlash.

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no prices :-(

anyway for those living in the UK .......manchester area........there is a computer fair there where they sell the cases for laptop hard-drives........to make them into huge storage..........basic one is £20, plug camera in via usb it auto makes a folder and dumps images, other one if about £40 with lcd screen and card reader slots and built in battery.......cheaper one as a battery pack to plug in.

u can also pick up cheap laptop hard drives if u havnt got one
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