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kjeal Oct 17, 2004 6:12 AM

Compact flash or SD cards?

The choice will probably influence me on which camera I will choose - the A95 or the V50.

btw, is there a difference in battery drain of these two?

Mikefellh Oct 18, 2004 4:14 AM

Memory cards do nothing more but record 1's and 0's sent from the camera...your pictures won't look any different no matter what card the camera uses.

It is true that some card formats have high speed versions of cards, BUT is dependent on the camera being able to send data as fast as the card can accept it...if you have a fast card but a slow camera, the recording of data won't be any faster than with a slower card that's the same speed of the camera, and since the A95 is a consumer point & shoot (don't know what a V50 is), it won't break any speed records.

Regarding shooting movies, some cameras only shoot as much video as their internal buffer will hold, in the case of the A95 30 seconds of 640x480 and that's all you can shoot at a time...after that the camera stops recording and saves the movie from its internal buffer to the memory card (which will take several seconds to save). After the movie is written to the card, then you can start shooting another 30 seconds.

Some more expensive cameras can write directly to the card bypassing the internal buffer, but this isn't a common feature. You'll have to look at the camera specs to see how much video can be recorded at a time.

Stevekin Oct 18, 2004 5:42 AM


(don't know what a V50 is),

I think you'll find that a V50 is a Volvo Sportswagon, or he might mean a Samsung Digimax. ;)

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