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I have the 8080W from Olympus.

I have a couple of questions but the most imp. one is which Memory should I buy.

I currently have a 1GB IBM microdrive. and I understand that since it is a real hard drive, it has moving needle and pin, writing to it isvery slow, espcially when writing in RAW mode.

I want to upgrade to a Flash Memory and wanted to know whether I should get a XD card or a CF card. I know that CF is cheaper when compared to it XD cousin, but I want to know which one will allow for very quick writing....

I see there are CF cards of all varieties like Ultra and UltraII and 80X...ect...is that all marketing hype? or are they truly fast cards?

Secondly, I want to know...How do I know if Olympus releases a Firmware upgrade for my 8080W camera and where do I go to get it?

thanks everyone for reading..and responding

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I use both the xD and CF cards in my C8080. The Compact Flash card is cheap. A 512mb CF with run about $39 after rebates from Best Buy or Circuit City. The xd card is more expensive, but you can get an Oly 256mb at Sam's Club for about $33. With the C8080, you can easily copy between cards. I use a regular Sandisk CF as my primary card, and use the xD as a backup.

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with all due respect the xD card has no future. only 2 camera manufacturers use them and they are both the original developers. that being Oly and Fuji.

CF and SD are open standards and have become the defacto standards in the Pro and consumer camera market. all others are the also ran bunch.

CF is the voulume king at 8gb in general release for the Dslr market.

SD at 2gb for the consumer/crossover cameras. the crossover cameras still being CF as a majority at the moment. SD is also used in a variety of othe products today.
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Thanks for the great replies!
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