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:?I have an Olympus C_460zoom, i was using a 128 mb picture card for some time and now it wants to format the card when i turn the camera on.I have put in another card and its working fine. I really would like to get the photos off the card as they are holiday snaps. I only have the camera to computer not a separate card reader and cannot download as it says the camera is not ready.:?
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It's probably corrupted.

If the camera shows up as a removable drive under "My Computer", you might be able to get the photos back without a card reader using one of the recovery utilities.

But, a card reader is your best bet. They're very inexpensive. There's no guarantee that you'll get your photos back using one. But, you'll probably get faster transfer speeds via a USB 2.0 card reader than you get from a camera anyway (and you don't have to worry about the battery running down while copying your photos using a reader).

There are a number of popular utilities designed to recover images that you could try.

One utility is Digital Image Recovery (it's free).

You can download it using this link, unzip it and run it.


Make note of the drive letter you see when the card is inserted in a reader (you'll find it under "My Computer"). Then, load this program and select your desired language (English is one of them).

Give it the drive letter for the card reader, select a folder on your PC to save the recovered images to, leave everything else at default settings, and press Start. Your photos will be saved to the folder you select.

Here's another popular Utility you can try:


Another choice is a free open source program called photorec. It's a command line utility (no graphical user interface). It's designed to work with severely corrupted file systems by looking for header information specific to many image types in order to try and reconstruct them. It works with over 80 different file types now (including most popular image formats). You'll see a download menu choice on the left side of the page.


If for some reason these won't find them, here's a commercial program designed to do the same thing (not free). You can download a demo version to see if it works before buying it.


I'd make sure to format the card before using it again using the camera's menu choice for format (not Windows) after you get your images back. Personally, I format my memory cards prior to every reuse that way.

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All flash memory devices have a finite number of writes that can be performed. The actual number is quite large, but it is possible that you might be approaching that number, especially if you've had the card for a while and have used your camera a lot.
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