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Default Olympus xD card "CARD ERROR"

I'm not sure what I've done here, but I am now getting "CARD ERROR" on my 2GB Olympus xD card. The camera cannot read the card. I tried putting the card into my laptop's card reader and it was able to read the card. I was able to pull my images off of it. I attempted to put the card back into the camera -- to format it and I'm getting the same error.

In searching forums, I've found similar problems but older and usually with other cameras. (I have an E-620.)

Anyone have advice on how to get this card formatted and useable once again?

Thank you
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Hi and welcome. It could be few things, bad conection, try cleaning the connection. Bad card, try a new one. Try formating the card with a pc then try again. problem with the camera conection, it may need to be repaired
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After posting, I kept playing with things. While I had put the car back into the camera a 100 times already - I did it again and tried to format ... and it LET me! I was able to take pictures, pull them off and re-format the card again! Hooray.

Wish I knew why the card flipped it's lid ... but happy I still have it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

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I just had similar problem with 1GB XD card in an Olympus SP500UZ. In my case the camera would not allow me to get to format. It would display "Card Error" and after a few seconds show the Olympus logo, then power off the camera.

I had deleted the images from the card via a card reader (SanDisk) attahced to a Windows 7 PC, so I wasn't concerned about accessing images if I formatted. I just couldn't format it.

In despiration I decided to try to format it from the PC. The card reader showed the card as drive "F:".

Open a DOS command window and type this command (use appropriate drive letter)


The /Q switch says "Quick"
The /FS:FAT switch specifies that the file system is to be FAT, the old File Allocation Table format as used on such things as floppies.

After this I used Windows Explorer to create a folder named DCIM and within that a folder 100OLYMP

I ejected the card, and then put it in the camera and it was recognized. I did not try to take a photo (I suppose I could have done so) - instead I then used the in-camera FORMAT to format it. The card now works just fine.
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I had exactly the same issue with my VR-340. I tried formatting both through the GUI and Command Line, I tried FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. Apparently some Olympus camera's don't like it if you format the card on a windows machine:

"Memory cards should be formatted to maintain top performance. They should only be formatted using the camera - never format using a computer as it may render the card unreadable by the camera."

The issue seems to be related to how windows partitions the drive, to fix it;

1. Run cmd.exe as Administrator
2. Type "Diskpart" and press Enter
3. Type "List Disk" and press Enter
4. Once you've identified the correct disk type "Select Disk X" where X is the disk number and press Enter
5. Type "List Partition" and press Enter
6. There should only be one partition, type "Select Partition X" where X is the Partition number and press Enter
7. Type "Delete Partition" and press Enter
8. Type Exit and transfer the SD card to the Camera
9. Format the card with the camera (may take a few tries) and it should work fine.
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