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Hello All,

There are 3 brand of sdhc card all 4G and and all same pricing

OCZ - 4G Class 6

Patriot - 4G Class 6

Kingston - 4G Class 4

I don't know I can post the pricing here or not. Kingston is the only one Class 4 card.

Which one is better.

Another question. SD card usually pre-format as Fat not Fat32.

Should I reformat to Fat32 before I use it on my D40 and let the D40 format itself.

I think the D40 will format it to FAT. Or is there any different ?

Thanks !

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Class 4 cards are slower than Class 6 cards, though I don't think your D40 will notice.

FAT (or, more correctly, FAT16) is faster for smaller volumes. You can manually format a smaller card as FAT32, but it won't buy you anything. FAT32 is necessary for larger volumes, so SDHC cards must be formatted using FAT32. In fact, the only difference between an SD Card and an SDHC card (except for the capacity) is that the SDHC Card MUST be formatted FAT32. FAT16 can't handle volumes4GB or larger.

In general, and unless you are having a problem, you should ALWAYS format your cards in your camera(s).
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Old Aug 27, 2008, 9:56 AM   #3
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Thanks for the information. I am going to test it again. Since I am not sure. If I format the 4 GB card using the D40 and after that I check it on the PC. I think it show FAT16.

I can format the card to FAT32 using the PC and insert to D40 to use it. I don't think there is any problem.

But I notices when I dowlload photo to my picture frames using a 4 gd sd card. If the card was format as FAT16 and it will only hold around 450 photos and start showing error on read. But after I format to FAT32 and no problem. Look like FAT16 has a limited to size (GB) and after that they don't read even the SD still have pretty of room.
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Fat16 formatted cards have a theoretical max number of entries in the root folder of 512 (less if the files have long names, ie larger than 8 characters)

Fat32 does not have this problem.

So for a photoframe (with a fat16 card) where you want to show a large number of low rez pictures, the answer would be to create folders to store the pictures.

Of course cheap photoframes may not be programmed to even look in folders, only to read photos saved to the root, in that case, buy a better 'frame, or format the card as fat32.
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