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I'm looking for a portable device that will read compact flash cards from my camera and display them on a good-quality LCD screen (640x480 or better). Most devices (digital picture frames, portable DVD players, etc.) I've looked at either don't read CF or aren't portable. And there are plenty of small and low-res displays that fail the quality test.

Mainly, I'm trying to avoid lugging around a laptop and laboriously downloading pics. I want to be able to shoot a card full, pop the card into the display, and pass around the display device, preferably with zoom function to check the focus on my images. (Meanwhile, I can use another card to continue shooting.)

I can't be the only one who wants this kind of instant feedback and display capability, right? What is recommended.
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Have you looked at Epson's P-2000 and P-4000 storage and viewers. They both read CF cards, have a 3.8" photo fine LCD plus the 2000 has 40gb storage and the 4000 has 80gb storage.
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I agree with Caboose, we have the P-2000, it sure beats lugging the laptop around.
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Thanks for the feedback. The Epson 2000 looks temping, despite the smallish screen and big price, because of the hard drive storage and MP3 playback capability. I've since found the Phillips 7" digital photo frame, which can run on a battery. However, it seems to take CF type 1 but not CF type 2 and I'm not sure it comes out of its cheesy frame, so it may not work for me.

I think I'll keep looking for something with a 5"+ screen that is less than $400. The big storage capability and video and MP3 playback aren't that important to me.

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