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djleekee Sep 3, 2008 10:04 AM

I have recently purchased a Sanyo Xacti HD1010 which records 1920 x 1080i video and so will eat up the 16gb memory card i am using with it.

I am off to Miami, Bahamas and Las Vegas next month and will be using the camera quite a lot but rather than take loads of memory cards I would like to dump off that days recordings to some other device - so i then have the full 16gb card to use the following day.

What sort of device do i need?

What size do you recommend?

I have seen a few Freecom 'portable media devices' available at Ebuyer but am curious how these portable drives would see the camera or the SD card?

Many Thanks.


hgernhardtjr Sep 3, 2008 11:34 AM

All will back up video, while the newer Colorspace 0, etc. will also allow you to view RAW still files. Work well and quite fast.

Cons: Expensive.

Only a bit more costlyto buy an inexpensive, 12.1"laptop with a large HD to copy your files to like I now use.

Frankly, it would probably be cheaper in the long run to purchase several 8 or 16 gb memory cards!

djleekee Sep 3, 2008 2:11 PM

Thanks for that! The hyper drive does look like exactly what i am after but is outside my price range.

I was wondering whether something a bit more like this is suitable as it already has the SD slots in it?

I cant believe there arent that many products out there that do what I want to achieve - how does everyone on this forum managed with transferring media from cards to another solution whilst away without a PC?


hgernhardtjr Sep 3, 2008 2:40 PM

What you indicated on eBay is nothing more than an external hard drive that requires a computer to make it work, even in the field.

What you are looking for is a stand-alone unit. TigerDirect lists this case:;CatId=1203, but then you must add the appropriate hard drive to it, which they also sell in many brands and sizes.

Like Hyperdrive, Wolverine and others make portable storage units that do not require a computer in the field. Just download the files from your flash cards. Then, at home, attach the unit to your computer and upload them. I doubt seriously you will find anything (even making your own using the above case and a 2.5" seperately purchased hard drive for it) for less than the equivalent of US$150.

If you are dead set to use eBay, here's one I found using a quick search:

However, no guarantees. Hyperdrive and Wolverine (as well as other name brands) WORK WELL. Androlling your own using the parts from TigerDirect gives you a warantee from a known good supplier that has always honored it (at least for me).

If you want to stay cheap, simply purchase several flash memory cards ... that is the best way.

OH ... on edit, one more tip: to search eBay use the search term"OTG" to find your various units. OTG stands for "on the go" and is what many sellers call their portable, field-use, storage units ... OTG.

Good luck in your search.

djleekee Sep 3, 2008 3:09 PM

Many thanks for your reply. You have confirmed my suspicion that a lot of these 'portable' hardrives wont work in what I want to achieve.
The description of being portable is fairly redundant - as they still have to be connected to a pc to operate. Im my eyes that isnt being portable at all!

I am based in the UK and might try and pop into my local Maplin to see if they have anything similar to what you recommend from TIger Direct.

I only use eBay as an indicator of price and it seems they have 250gb units on there for under £100 UK pounds - which would be the limit of my budget.

I still think there is a massive whole in the market for a device like this! My old Archos does exactly what I want but is fairly redundant now as its only 20gb (felt huge when i first had it and my camera was 3.2 megapixel with VGA video!)

Thanks again.


hgernhardtjr Sep 3, 2008 3:32 PM

Well there was a major hole, then no hole, now its back. Just a couple of years ago you could find them absolutely everywhere when flash memory was extremly costly... now they are primarily a nitche market mainly for pros, I think. Even Epson has and sells them, and Sony had them. but with the cost of flash memory dropping significantly, many of the vendors stopped actively marketing them. Most major photographic supply places still stock them, however. As for ebay, they used to have several hundred listings ... now its down to a handful.

Another reason: many use their iPods, and many have and carry with them a laptop. Both cheaper in the long run, although the various IPods are slow, slow, slow. Most of the truly portable OTG units are also somewhat slow, transferring only 1gb a minute or thereabouts. Laptops are faster.

Photo 5 Sep 3, 2008 4:28 PM

You might want to look at the wolverine family of storage devices. They make flashpack devices that allow you to upload your memory cards to an internal hard drive. I own a 60GB version but the upload speed is not the fastest and might take a while for you to get 16GB uploaded. Anyway when I got my wolverine in 2006 I felt the price was very resonable.


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