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Default Possible problem with CF on Minolta S414

I have lost several pictures recently in separate incidents. I have two 256mb CF cards. One is a Lexar with Ritz logo on it. The other is a Sandisk. I normally have the Lexar card in the camera.

On one occasion, I was shooting some sunrise pictures. I had taken about a half dozen shots when I noticed the access light was staying on for an excessive amount of time. No camera functions would work. I tried turning the camera off but even that didn't work. I thought the CPU was locked up (Has happened before) so I popped the batteries and put them back in. I went to review the pictures I had just taken, only to find that none of the pictures were there and I was getting a "can't read memory card" (or something like that) error. When I got home and put the CF card in my card reader, only two out of about ten shots were there and the last one had zero size. I copied the images that were there. I then put the card back into the camera and reformatted it.

On another occasion, I shot a group of pictures and had put the CF card into the card reader. Before copying the pictures to the computer, I used the browse function in Paint Shop Pro 7.0 to generate thumbnails of the pictures. It was taking longer than I wanted to wait so I aborted the operation. I proceded to copy the images to my hard disk. Two of the pictures were corrupt with the bottom portion cut off. All images were ok when viewed in the camera.

The camera has been dropped on to concrete a couple of times with the Lexar card installed. The only apparent damage was a slight warping of the case near the CF access door. The camera appears to work fine.

I am wondering if the Lexar CF card was damaged when the camera was dropped or if the browse function of PSP7 can corrupt the card. It creates a thumbnail file on the card called pspbrowse.jbf.

I have the Sandisk card in the camera at the present time and it seems to be working fine, although I haven't shot very many pictures with it.

Any ideas what is happening? I plan to get PhotoRescue or whatever it is called.
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