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I am looking to purchase CF Memory and would like testimony from users on the PQI brand 100x CF Cards for my D200. 1.) Has anyone tried these cards? 2.) How does their quality rate against Kingston & Lexar Media Cards? The prices seem to be very attractive. However after reading one of the other threads about it not working. I am a little skepical about purchasing this unknown (to me) brand of CF Media. A 4GB 100x CF card for $100 FRN's seems to be worth investigating. But! If it doesn't work properly, it's not worth 47 cents cash.Any and all comments and/or suggestions are welcome. peace, haans Please excuse my browser it can't perform properly on the board, that's the reason the text is all run together.
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I had 512MB PQI for Minolta 7i and it worked well in that, even writing speed wasn't much slower than with best working cards...

If you want to be sure you should find Transcend 120x for same price, at least here in Europe those are very cheap.

And it should work quite well in D200:
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The PQI 100x cards appear to be very slow in Konica Minolta DSLR models.

I've seen more than one KM DSLR user report that it can take around 34-38 seconds to finishing writing a burst of 5 raw photos with a 100x PQI card.

I found one KM DSLR user that reported 38 seconds to write 5 raw photos to a 1GB PQI 100x CF Card. He replaced it with a Sandisk Ultra II (which is around 7 times as fast in this camera).

I found another KM DSLR owner that reported 34 Seconds with a 2GB 100x PQI CF Card to write 5 raw photos.

That's very slow (most standard speed cards test much faster).

KM DSLR models are a bit "finnicky" on cards (for example, the Kingston Elite Pro Cards are also very slow in these models). So, the PQI cards may work OK in a Nikon DSLR. But, I don't know of anyone that's timed them in the D200.

Personally, I'd probably go with a Lexar 4x Card before I'd buy a PQI 100x Card, based on reports I've seen from KM DSLR owners. But, it could just be a compatibility issue with KM DSLR models that wouldn't effect a Nikon D200.

If you're not shooting sports, or in conditions that you're filling up the camera's internal buffer, then I wouldn't worry too much about a faster card.

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Thank you jim, I usually prefer faster shooting speeds, I use the Lexar 1GB 80x cards from my D70 and they seem much faster with the D200. However, they only hold 60 photos in raw and even less (44) with a jpeg addendum. Thanks for the tips. I'll happily pay more to get the performance. I figured this might be the case.<p><p>peace, haans PS. What am I doing wrong on the board? I can't use [brackets] to space my content <html code> what's up here?
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