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After two days of hard work, I finally got 260 working .MOV videos.
I used PhotoRec to recover lost data from SD card, and HD Video Repair Utility v1.5 to repair corrupted movies.
Success, only happiness! Thanks everyone!
For those familiar with Excel and DOS codes, and needing to deal with lots of recovered .MOV files to be repaired, the hint is as follows:
Execute HD Video Repair Utility once, do the Scan option for one sample file.
Go to the "Repaired" folder that has been created by the program, open "MOVDUMP.TXT" file, copy the very first line of code (LOGFILE.HTML, for latest version).
This is the COMMAND LINE that must be executed under COMMAND PROMPT (preferrably as administrator). Just remove the quote marks.
No need to run gs.exe or guiscript.exe.
In my case, to handle 260 files, I built a batch file, doing the following:
In COMMAND PROMPT (CMD), select the drive where the recovered files are located. Access the unit and folder (use command CD FOLDERNAME). Type DIR > SELECTION.TXT. This will create a file named "SELECTION.TXT", that will carry all the filenames to handle.
Edit this file and remove header and footer, let remain only the lines with useful information (e.g. f1233240_ftyp.mov).
Import this file in Excel, and delete all the columns except the one with the filenames. Now you must add columns and copy the information that had been stored from the first line of MOVDUMP.TXT.
You need to copy and paste that information in order to get as much COMMAND lines as the files to be repaired. Be careful to properly adjust everything, so when you save the file as TEXT again, it could be edited with NOTEPAD, to do final, manual adjustings.
Once you are sure that everything is OK, save this file as .BAT (e.g. SELECTION.BAT).
This is your batch file that will repair ALL your recovered .MOV broken movies!
Have a beer while waiting...

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Default Recoverfab recovered all of our photos and videos!

We just got a Nikon D3200 right before our honeymoon to hawaii, it was our first time ever using one. We took over 900 pictures during our trip and on the 8th day there decided to give the video option a try. Once we switched the camera from camera to video, we got an error message saying our memory card was damaged our malfunctioning. You can only imagine how upset we were. We could not use the camera anymore for the rest of the trip and thought we lost everything we had taken. We live in NYC and went to a few different stores the ScanDick recommended who do picture recovery, but no where was able to make the disc work when we got home from our trip. We decided that we wouldn't give up and did some searching on the internet about companies that do this type of recovery. Thank God we found Recoverfab!!! They are absolutely amazing and extremely responsive. We sent our card to them and within 3 days got an email from them saying the recovered all of pictures. They are a German based company so we were somewhat nervous sending something so irreplaceable to us overseas but we are so glad we did. I would recommend them to my friends, family and even my worst enemy because i have never been so happy for what they did for me. If you ever experience what we went through, turn to Recoverfab, they are our saviors!!!
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Default Damaged .AVI files

A deleted folder and a lost .AVI video!
I recovered the files using MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
Movie length is 1.5 hours, 17GB.
After some repair sessions, video became only 3.5 minutes long! No way to go further (lots of software were tried).
Unsuccessful attempts to repair the recovered .AVI movie, I decided to go through HEX DUMP.
Then I finally noticed that the remaning bytes after those 3.5 minutes were all ZEROS. That is, everything is lost.
Any suggestions on how to search the hard drive for the lost biggest part of the video?
A general search with PHOTOREC also was unsuccessful.
Thanks in advance...
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Sometimes the files may not be actually deleted, they may be just hidden, so you may show hidden files, see this guide for how

Virus may hide the files or make them invisible, so it is good idea to scan the memory card with anti virus software, there are some free ones you can try, AVG and Microsoft security essential are free and good ones

If files are deleted, the best way to recover images and video files from memory card is to follow a step by step memory card data recovery tutorial, you may follow this one: http://goo.gl/HBtYb

However, take note that you should try to avoid data overwritten. This is because once files are overwritten, they are not recoverable. So you should try to stop using the memory card before files are recovered.

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