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I don't think that there is posibility to recover these photos but ... I'll give it a shot.
I have this card:
As You can see there is memory A and memory B on the card.
I'll explain things I've done:
- I've made a huge party ) and took a lot of photos and saved them in memory A and memory B.
- on the next day I took the card and put it to my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens) because it have memory stick reader (I had the card switched to memory A).
- I've copied all photos and videos from memory A to my laptop
- I've switched the card to memory B
- I've put the card back to my laptop and .... and when I tried to copy files it said they're corrupted and didn't want to copy
- very strange thing is that I'VE SEEN ALL FILENAMES (PICS AND MOVIES) FROM MEMORY A but the card was switched to memory B !
- when I have inserted the card back to my camera (Sony V1) there was an error 013 or something like this, and I formatted the card and then memory B was ok but empty
- I've tried all possible programs to get it back.. I've even found some photos from 2003 but didn't found pics from my party

I've tried these programs:
- memory-stick-data-recovery-demo
- FileRecoveryTools MediaUndelete(R)
- F-Recovery for MemoryStick(R)
- [email protected] UNDELETE 5.1
- R-Drive Image 3.0
- Stellar Phoenic DMR
- filerescue pro
- Smart FAT recovery
- eIMAGE recovery
- PCI inspector smart recovery
- BadCopy Pro

I'm sorry for my english.

Thank you for any help in advance !

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I've got a Memory Stick like that one.

Basically, it's two 128mb cards in one physical case.

So, a PC shouldn't treat it differently than any other 128MB Memory Stick (it can only see 128MB at a time, depending on the switch position).

I'm not familiar with some of the utilities you tried. But, do not use anything that writes to the card. Otherwise, you're risking damaging or overwriting the files on it. It's best to use utitilies that only read from (and not write to) a card.

It is not unusual for a camera to have problems with images copied back to a card. But, anything else should be able to read them, provided they are not corrupted.

Agood utility to try is Digital Image Recovery (it's free). It doesn't support raw files but it works with jpeg. You can download it using this link.


Here is a commercial (not free) program that may be worth a try, too.


If the two utilities I mentioned above can't get them back for you, here's an open source program you may want to try.

It's designed to work with severely corrupted file systems by looking for header information specific to many image types in order to try and reconstruct them.

I have no experience with it. But, it may be worth a try. Here is the link:


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