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I;m in the situaiton where I have a CF card with deleted photos which I would like to try and recover. Details below:

1. I usually use iPhoto on the Macintosh; with the CF card in the camera (EOS 350D), with the setting to delete images on the card when downloaded.

2. I've noticed that what iPhoto does is capture the images, then delete the card.

3. What happened yesterday was that the photos were downloaded, and iPhoto was sending the delete instructions to the camera, iPhoto crashed and died after deleting about half of the images on the card. Restarting the application showed that none of the downloaded files had been saved, but the deletion was permanent

4. All deleted photos were RAW+JPG

I'm after advice on What To Do Next.

I've been meaning to get myself a card reader for a while, so I picked one up today, figuring that if I could mount the card as some kind of USB mass storage device, I might be able to run undelete software to restore the deleted photos. Then I realized I have no idea on what file system is used on the CF card, and how the photos are stored.

Questions for those more knowledgable than me (in the preferred order I would like answers!):

1. Is there some hidden cache directory iPhoto uses which might resolve the situation?

2. If I mount a CF card via a reader what underlying format/gotchas are there when it comes to attepting file recovery?

3. What software (preferably freeware, but understand there's not a lot of it about in this space) is recommended for such a recovery operation (prefer Mac but do have access to a Win2K PC at a pinch, which has a package called Digital Image Recovery on it)?

There's nothing vital in the deleted photos, but I did get some wonderful shots of my 4 year old and some of her friends on a beach holiday which would be nice to have back.

All help gratefully appreciated; if these images get restored will post a summary up here.


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iPhoto transfers photos from the camera to a folder on your hard disk drive before it deletes them from your camera. It's never very clear which folder iPhoto uses, but if you search your hard disk drive for JPG files created on the date that this happened, you should find them. The folder isn't hidden; it's just buried.

Failing that, I think it was JimC here that turned me on to PhotoRec (See http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download ) It's available for mulitple operating systems, including Mac OSX. I've had good luck with it.
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I'm happy to report success. The files *were* there in ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Data/2007/Roll ZZZZ (where ZZZZ is the roll number).

Thanks, TCav for your help.

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i share your feeling ,i think you can try some data recovery programme, i recommend you a versatile software ,"Data Recovery Wizard",

it support memory card and others store applications,

This data recovery utility has helped me in past recovering my stuff from inaccessible drive. It helps to recover the lost data from any situation like accidental format, software malfunction, viruses or even sabotage.

Download the demo to try the software, if the demo shows the preview of the recovered data then save them by getting the full version.

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