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gulkhobre Nov 6, 2006 6:47 AM


One important video is deleted from my camera Canon S2 IS (memory card 1 GB).

Is there any way / software tool which can restore the video.

The video is very important to me.


JimC Nov 6, 2006 8:57 AM

Whatever you do, don't try to write to the card using any utility. Only use one designed to read from it and save the recovered files to another drive.

Try PhotoRec. It's a free Open Source tool to recover a number of file types and it's available for multiple platforms, including Windows. It's a command line utility (no nice Graphical User Interface, since it's designed to work on multiple Operating Systems).

It ignores the file system entirely, and tries to reconstruct files based on headers it can find. So, it can work with severely corrupted media (not your issue since you only deleted it, but give it a go anyway if your movie file type is listed). Deleted files are usually easier to recover. But, I have no experience trying to use it with video (I've never used the movie modes on cameras I've owned with it, other than a quick test to see if they worked).

Here are the file types it can recognize:

Here's another utility you may want to look at:

In a commercial (not free) product, try PhotoRescue. They have a demo version you can download to see if it works before you buy it:

There are more recovery utilities available, too. Here are some of them:

gulkhobre Nov 7, 2006 1:31 AM

Hey Thanks Jim

I got to know that, my friend has done a low level format and not delete.

Is there any hope to restore some part atleast



JimC Nov 7, 2006 8:34 AM

It depends on what your friend did. Try the utilities to see if they find anything.

Most formats do not overwrite data.

gadgetguy2007 Nov 7, 2006 2:32 PM

Thank you JimC for the link to the utility. I've been looking for free software so I could get some data back from my memory cards. Most programs I've found - are really slow and stubborn. This PhoRec program is very small and useful.

mr.sneezy Apr 10, 2009 2:31 AM

Ditto for me. Just pulled 118 deleted photos from my xD card. Stupid cheap card reader corrupted the data when transferring.
Thank you JimC and PhotoRec !

Gemma Oct 22, 2010 9:08 PM

I just used freeware to recover a deleted Canon IXUS movie file (.AVI) from my SD card. Didn't cost a cent, dead easy, and worked perfectly :) Thanks!

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