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In an earlier response to someone else's inquiry, I stated that I have an assortment of 2GB CF Cards, but that the fastest one I had was a PNY Optima Pro. I had a little problem that made me doubt that was the case, so I did a little more testing.

I have a 6MPKonica Minolta Maxxum 5D dSLR that accepts CF cards. I have the following 2GB CF Cards: PNY Optima Pro, Kingston Ultimate 133x, SanDisk Extreme III, Lexar Platinum II 80x. Since the capacity of flash memory cards seems to affect their speed (see Rob Galbraith's CF/SD Performance Database ), I didn't bother including other cards I have, becausethe capacities are different.

I set the focus and exposure to manual, left the lens cap on, and just held the shutter button down to get these figures. I formatted the cards in the camera before each test. I tested each card for each of three file formats (RAW, Extra Fine JPEG, and Fine JPEG) for the number of shots capturedbefore the buffer filled, and the number of shots captured in 10 seconds, after the buffer hadfilled.

RAWShots B4 Lag Shots / 10 sec.
PNY Optima Pro56
Kingston Ultimate 133x5 7
SanDisk Extreme III511
Lexar Platinum II 80x5 9

Extra Fine - LargeShots B4 LagShots / 10 sec.
PNY Optima Pro22 20
Kingston Ultimate 133x2521
SanDisk Extreme III (No Lag) 27
Lexar Platinum II 80x3824

Fine - LargeShots B4 LagShots / 10 sec.
PNY Optima Pro (No Lag) 27
Kingston Ultimate 133x (No Lag)27
SanDisk Extreme III(No Lag)29
Lexar Platinum II 80x(No Lag)28

It seems that the PNY is the slowest 2GB card I own.

It's interesting that the Lexar 80x is faster than the Kingston 133x!

I will also be sticking with SanDisk and Lexar from here on.

I want to remind anyone who might be reading this, that these results are only valid for my camera.

If anyone else has a collection of cards, and would like to try this, I'd be pleased to see the results.

Edit: Corrected values from inconsistant methodology.
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TCav wrote:
In an earlier response to someone else's inquiry,
I think that was my post.

Well, I'm glad I got the Extreme III 30MB/s 4GB CF.

My camera is Olympus E-510 DSLR

Thanks for taking the time to do the test. When I have time, I'll try to test the difference between the Ultra II 4GB CF & Extreme III 4GB CF cards I have.
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