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ClemsonKim Dec 6, 2004 12:21 AM


I am using a Coolpix 5700. I know this camera dose not support high capacity microdrive. I bought 5GB rio carbon and extracted 5gb seagate MD. It did not work for my camera I expected.

I sold it out via ebay.

The thing I want to say is I think I am successful to use Rio shell with 2GB Sandisk compactflash card. I tried with 1GB Hitachi MD, 2GB HItachi MD and 4GB version2 Muvo2 MD and finally I tried with 2GB sandisk CF.

Only 1GB Hitachi MD showed failure for Carbon. Others, expecially 2GB Sandisk CF were sucessfully installed into Rio carbon. I think it is surpising to me because I read most of CF card is not fit to Rio carbon.

So. I would like to let you try it to confirm my success. Thanks Have a great holiday.

I followed just simple way.

1. download firmware 1.32 from

2. insert a 2GB CF card

3. Connect USB cable-You can see "upgrader" on the screen

4. Just upgrade it.

5. tried to transfer mp3 songs

6. I could play a song.

That's it what i did.


hotate Feb 5, 2005 4:30 AM

Hi there ClemsonKim and all,

Was wondering if there is a more comprehensive list of what will and what won't work as replacements in a Rio? From the looks of your experimentation... seems that maybe it only recognises 2Gb+ cards... but that's just from looking here...

From my own experience, I tested a regular Sandisk 512Mb... which didn't work. So I'm trying to see what card I can buy in it's replacement...

Looks like it might be a 2Gb Sandisk... was the one you used the regular Sandisk? (as apposed to Ultra/Extreme)

Thanks for the info :-)

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