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Old Mar 23, 2005, 2:05 PM   #51
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It seems to me that the date field is the key to whether the ST1 works in digital cameras. From what I've noticed, dates less than 05090 seem to work, and dates above 05090 don't.

On a related note, check out Ebay auction #7503032450 -- a 4G Seagate ST1! The model # is ST640211CF, which doesn't match anything in Google. Here is the picture of the back (FW: 3.07, and date is 05253):

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Old Apr 18, 2005, 11:28 AM   #52
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Hi, I've bin reading about all the problems everyone having with ST-1 drive. I bought a Rio carbon in November 04 for the drive it try in my new Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 and no, it did not work. Tried to format in the camera with no luck. Formatted it FAT32 in my desktop comp that I have a PCMCIA slot that's wired through a PCI card, not a USB. Worked as it should as a hard drive with no problems. Still didn't work in camera. So not knowing the size of the drive the camera could support. I booted up XP install disk and partitioned the drive half the size (2.5gb) FAT32 and (2.5 unformatted)it worked! I was able to get the card working as a 3.7gb drive. Any bigger with no luck. The card is to slow for pictures @ 3264x2448 but for movies @ 544x40830fps worksand holdsover 1 hour of movies (15min max each file)@ 945 KB / second. The only problem I have now with the card is when it goes to sleep. The camera will not read the card. I have to power off the camera and wait 1 min. andthen itwill work.

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Old May 4, 2005, 1:30 AM   #53
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I have extracted the seagate st1 5g drive in muvo2 fm, it can not work neither in usb card readernor digital camera.Under windows 2000, use usb reader can not detect the disk existed. Under digital camera, it display "no disk" error.
Have anybody the same situation with me?

P/N: 9AF212-001
Model: ST650211CF
Date: 05133
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Old May 22, 2005, 2:44 PM   #54
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Hey sorry to butt in on the conversation, but here's a 5gb Carbon for $149. Decent deal ?

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Old Jul 7, 2005, 8:52 AM   #55
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Hi guys,

My Crabon Rio started behaving erratically, so I flashed the firmware. Now, the 5 GB seems to be corrupted, but does not format thru' Windows (XP with SP2). (Windows displays the message that it was unable to complete format).

I'm hoping I can extract it from the RIO, and format it using a card reader.

My question is, hhow does one open the Rio? With the rubberlike gasket around the center, does the fron (LCD) side come off or the bottom half?

And once opened, does it close again or do the panels get twisted out of shape?

Any advice would be HIGHLY appreciated!

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Old Jul 7, 2005, 5:02 PM   #56
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I recently wrote about these matters in thread, 4GB Microdrive from Apple miniIPOD in this forum.

This is similar: if the drive doesn't have a "CF" or "CF+" logo on its label it's quite
likely not CF compliant - though not guaranteed not to be so! - and only
works in "True IDE" (aka True ATA) mode - that is, essentially exactly like a 3.5"
IDE HDD inside your PC.

Thus, this is NOT a CF card even though it's in a CF-form-factor casing.

I'm betting that large OEM consumer electronic purchasers for drives like the
Seagate and Hitachi microdrives are able to get a bit of discount for not being
fully CF compliant: no special CF interface logic or attribute memory, etc. are
needed, less firmware, less internal wiring, and less testing required. Of a
50pin CF connector, IIRC, less than 40 pins are required to be connected for
TrueIDE mode. These OEM customers are perfectly happy 'talking' to these
drives in TrueIDE mode, and using other CF modes (memory-mapped, or one
of the I/O mapped modes) might be more troublesome.

Drives extracted from equipment like iPODs and Rio Carbons were never
designed to be used elsewhere.

BTW some PC card readers will attempt to read CF-form-factor cards in IDE mode,
while others will try to use a CF mode. Hit or miss, I'd guess: some readers
will be able to read/format these, while others won't. The readers that have
no hardware and connect straight to IDE cable should be able always read
any CF card or even these iPOD Mini or Rio Carbon drives that run in IDE only
mode. USB-attached CF card readers are more likely to have problems.

For whatever reason, Canon and other digicam companies choose to run their
CF-form-factor memory devices in a CF mode and not True IDE mode - it seems
that the new CF+ memory card standard no longer mandates that storage cards
do offer TrueIDE mode (unlike orig. CF spec) - although I don't think I've ever
heard of any CF+ storage cards lacking a TrueIDE mode.

BTW, even if you get the right kinda CF HDD, there's other things that may or
may not cause problems: FAT16 vs FAT32 formatting, multiple partitions might
cause problems, etc. I would generally always let the CAMERA format the CF
card or CF HDD. Putting in a card formatted by a Windows box may confuse
the camera: there are quite a few default options for formatting that Windows
uses that might not quite be suitable for a camera - using Windows CHDDSK
and FDISK utiltiies on a camera-formatted disk while in a PC reader may give
useful info.

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA USA

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Old Aug 15, 2005, 10:57 AM   #57
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So does anyone know where i can find a 5gb zif style connector driveto putinto a Rio Nitrus. Everyone seems to be going the otherway.
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Old Aug 28, 2005, 4:54 PM   #58
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steve wrote:
Well, there is no guarantee that the latest ST1 drives will work in cameras. Same thing happened with the Hitachi 4GB drives in later Muvo2 and mini-iPod players. They purposely made them -not- work with cameras, only mp3 players. Seagate will be selling their 5GB Photo Drive soon though.

Here's what the back of my ST1 drive looks like, it does work in cameras.

Some, but not all digital cameras require a CF Compliancy bit which is likely missing from the drives which do not work in your digital cameras.
Several years ago I purchased a coupleIBM OEM products (1 gigabyte microdrive made by IBM and OEM'd by iOmega) which eventually failed in my D30 but were recognized in several of my non dSLR cameras. After much investigation I discovered that this CF compliancy bit was contained in the controller chip and could not be accessed through normal means. To refresh this damaged firmware requires specialized equipment and I could not get either iOmega, IBM nor Hitache (who purchased the IBM license and now manufacturers the drive) to own up to either the problem or how to fix it. As it is I now have two 1 gigabyte micro drives which are only useful in a few of my digital cameras which don't query the firmware about this CF compliancy bit.
Just be aware that this small change in firmware in the controller will render a microdrive useless in many of your cameras. It will work in a PC or in a few digicams which allow microdrives but don't look for the CF compliancy....
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Old Oct 17, 2005, 6:26 AM   #59
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Hi Everyone.. I`m a newbie in this forum and came across this forum on other websites.. For your info.. Seagate Drive is CAT into 2 firmware version.. The OEM & the Retail version... All the drives U get from players are in the OEM firmware, tat explains why U can`t use it on camera. For others that manage to get the older version and can`t use it on your cameras.. Try updating your camera firmware.. It was solved in most of the CFII cameras.... Enjoy.. Feel free to ask abt this issue as... I`m working in one of the major companies producing CF.
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Old Oct 18, 2005, 3:59 PM   #60
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Some/many CF digicams simply cannot run their CF slot in TrueIDE (a.k.a. TrueATA)mode; the wiring & firmware support isn't there. Even with a firmware update, some wiring/timing issues could remain.

Thus OEM drives like Hitachi & Seagate that support only TrueIDE (and not the CF memory- & I/O-mapped) modes will never work in many of these cameras.

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA

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