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pianoplayer88key Sep 3, 2004 1:05 AM

Ok, here's the deal...

I would like to sometime soon (before Xmas weekend in December) get a CompactDrive (unless you can suggest a better and cheaper one that's just as fast with as good of a battery life), plus at least a 1GB CompactFlash card that's fast enough for my Canon S1 IS to record continuously at the highest quality video setting without choking.

I would prefer to pay no more than $275 or so (about what I paid for my now possibly broken 4GB microdrive) including shipping and/or sales tax (If I pay sales tax I would like to get it at a local store, if I pay shipping I'd probably order it from out of state).

So what can you suggest for doing something like that?

If I could have 2GB of CF to record with or even 4GB that would be nice but I'd be willing to be stuck with "only" 1GB of CF. I have a 1GB Sandisk CF but it's not an ultra, and can't record more than about 30 to 45 seconds before stopping because the card is too slow.

The sooner I can buy this the better (not within the next 3 to 4 weeks though) but I'm willing to wait till mid December to have decent fast CF and a fast HD transfer in my posession.

So considering I saw them for $180 on a few linked websites, and my limit is $275, where can I get a GB of CF memory for the other $95 and the shipping for both has to be included in that price.
If I could get my 4GB microdrive fixed then sell it (and taking into account the cost of getting it fixed, still get around $100 for it over and above what it may cost me to get it repaired, and because I would like to change to something that's more durable) that might help some but my spending limit would still be around $275.

Trevortoo Sep 3, 2004 8:18 AM


Total newbie here, first post.

I have the S1 and just bought a Scandisk Ultra II 512. I have had no problems with the video freezing, I will run some longer tests (ie. 4 minutes at 30 fps and 640x480).

I was surprised that the original little 32 mb canon card worked so well b/c I assumed it would have been very "slow". But it captues video fine (albeit short clips due to space constraints). It says high speed on the card. I was concerned that maybe I had wasted money on the Ultra II thinking maybe the regular scandisk would keep up but it appears that you have shown it won't. I'll run a test tonight to give you some more feedback.

Love the forum. I have been to dpreview but it sems bigger, less homey and far more awkward to read a post and then the replies.


pianoplayer88key Sep 3, 2004 8:07 PM

I've heard that some older sandisks (1GB) weren't fast enough (like mine) but I've also heard about more recent 1GB sandisk normal cards being able to record a full 1GB of video without stopping.

What type(s) of cards do you have and if there's a copyright date on them what are the dates?

Trevortoo Sep 6, 2004 6:17 PM


I ran some tests with the S1 and the Ultra II card. I ran 4 + minutes, 640x480 30fps and had no problems with the camera or card locking.

I assume then that the faster card makes the video not lock, not the camera.


pianoplayer88key Sep 6, 2004 10:06 PM

DO you have a standard card you could test it with?

Trevortoo Sep 7, 2004 12:37 PM

Sorry, just the 32mb card that came with the camera. It says its a Canon Super Fast card. I don't unfortunately intend on buying a slower card lest the minor savings results in reduced results, such as you have described in your case.

My simple feeling is that the Ultra II improves video recording and without the faster card (as per your observations) it doesn't have a high enough sustained throughput to properly record full frame video.


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