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I just bought a Casio Exilim Z50 and I was wondering which card I should get. I've heard that the standard Lexar is faster than the standard Sandisk but which one is more reliable and more compatible with my camera?

Any help is appreciated.

Cheers. :-)
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Lexar has been known to use more than one component supplier in the past with their Standard SD Cards.

So, you may get a Lexar Card that's using the same components as the Sandisk Standard SD Card (slow), or you may get lucky and get one that using the same components as the Panasonic Standard Card (fast).

Personally, I wouldn't risk using a card with the Sandisk Standard Components in larger sizes (as they have been known to haveproblems in some devices). I've got a little Konica KD-510z (a.k.a., Minolta G500) that the manufacturer does not approve Sandisk Standard SDCards for. They used to have Sandisk Standard Cards in smaller sizes (through 128mb) listed as tested, with specific warnings that the 256mb SD Card could cause the camera to malfunction with errors. But, Konica-Minolta has since removed all Sandisk Standard SD Cards in all sizes from the tested cards list for this model. However, they work fine in some other models.

The Lexar 32x SD Cards are going to befaster than cards using Sandisk Components. Most of these use the same components as the Panasonic SD Cards, so they're actually faster than their 32x rating would imply. But, it is my understanding that Lexar may have started making their own components for SD now (or has a different source for components than they've used in the past), as I know of one user that got a Lexar 32xCard using U.S. Components (but their 32x Cardsshould still be much faster than the Sandisk Standard SD cards if you get one of these newer made in the U.S. cards).

I do not know if the Casio Exlim Z50 would take advantage of a faster card or not. If it were mine, I'd buy a fast card anyway, so I'd have a faster card if I ever upgraded cameras: PanasonicSD, Simpletech SD (uses Panasonic Components), or one of the other high speed cards. BTW, Sandisk makes an Ultra II SD Card that is very fast (and some of the other cardsyou see with 60x ratings use these same components). But,I personally prefer cards using Panasonic Components.

Both Panasonic and Sandisk are now making even faster SD Cards now(20mb/second). Sandisk has a new Extreme III Series and Panasonic has a new Pro Series. But, it's very unlikely that any current digital camera would take advantage of cards this fast. The cards running around 9mb/second (Sandisk Ultra II, Panasonic Standard SD) are probably plenty fast enough for any current cameras (and most won't even use this much speed).

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