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Since I got my A70 second cam, I discovered a curious thing. Canon recommend their own special CF brand to get continuous movie. A 20X speed card worked but froze after 30 secs or so. I reformatted the card as 8/16K clusters. The card filled up OK in my 602. and the A70. When I did an in cam format on my 602 it left the cluster size as 8/16K , but when the A70 reformatted it defaulted to 2K and wouldn't run continous movie.

So if anybody is filling up a card in 640X480 movie, I'm curious as to which card they are using, and whether the expensive Canon card remains formatted as 2K clusters, or is recognised and re-formatted with the larger cluster size. You can probably guess where this is going! VOX
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Be sure to check out the memory data base that Steve's Digicam has put together. It's full of information. One more thing to note. I too was very interested in the "Extreme" card by Sandisk, along with the photorescue software, but have since found free software available on the net that works great! The "Ultra II" cards are nearly as fast as the more expensive "Extreme" cards. Supposedly the speed difference is indistinguishable.
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Originally Posted by tkmckay
Originally Posted by voxmagna
Many 'no-name' brand cards, have major manufacturers chips inside the packaging! Viking use Toshiba.
Actually they all do, even the majors since there are not exactly alot of companies that can dish out $1billion+ it cost to build a new fab to build most modern memory. The larger manufactures out there for flash memory are Samsung, Intel, AMD, Micron, Toshiba and a a couple others...but not in that order.

If you want a more specific break down of who makes what and how much of it I think I could find the figures. 8)
While all manufacturers make NOR flash, only the Far-East manufacturers, Samsung and Toshiba, make the cheaper NAND flash that are used to make flash cards. The Nand flashes are accessed serially (ie <address> <data> <data> <data> .... <data>) just like a hardisk, unlike the NOR flashes that are accessed in parallel like on a BIOS in a PC, ie with non multiplexed separate address and data busses!

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