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Has anyone out there ever had any experiences with the Sandisk Extreme Ducati line of CF Cards?If yes,what do you think of them?Would you highly recommend them?Would it be worth getting a couple of the Sandisk Extreme Ducatis over the Sandisk Extreme III or Extreme IV CF Cards if I were using a Canon 40D and I shoot a lot of Action Sports where speed is important?

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The Extreme III is a 133x Card. The Extreme IV is a 266x Card. The Ducati is a 300x Card.

But, your camera's write speed to memory cards will be the primary bottleneck with the fastest cards. The Extreme IV and Ducati cards require a camera that supports UDMA transfers to reach their maximum potential (and the Canon 40D does not support UDMA).

So, you'll see diminishing returns as you go with anything faster than 133x (for example, you may use a card that's rated twice as fast and may only see a 10% or so improvement in throughput). The size of a card can sometimes make a difference, too (because 2GB and smaller cards use FAT16 and cards larger than 2GB use FAT32). Usually, FAT16 is faster with most cameras, given the same card type. Sometimes you'll see speed differences within the same brand/model of a card, too (because manufacturers sometimes improve the components in later production runs).

Also, keep in mind that the speed of the camera will be the same, regardless of memory card used, until the camera's buffer (fast internal memory) becomes full. Then, the camera will slow down some (cycle times between photos), and you'll have slower buffer flush times with a slower card. Your 40D has a relatively large internal buffer.

Rob Galbraith has some tests of newer cards in a 40D here:


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