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solara Dec 25, 2003 1:18 PM

Sandisk - how to determine it's speed?
I just ordered the Canon A80 from Abe's of Maine.
They had a deal which included a free 256mb Sandisk CF card.

After I placed the order, they called me and tried to get me to order accessories. I turned them down except for the offer of a 35x CF card for an additional 20 dollars. The rep stated it would be from Dyne? (sp)

Well it arrived with a Sandisk and it doesn't say Ultra or anything on the card of package. So I'm wondering if they cheated me or not. Any way for me to find out the rated speed of the card?

Oh, and would it matter if it was the slow Sandisk versus their Ultra on the A80? Thanks.

eric s Dec 25, 2003 8:29 PM

The Ultra sandisk card would be wasted on your camera. You need a really high end camera to make that worth the extra money.

The "standard" sandisk is rather bad and (I bet) is slowing down your camera. Many places sell them, so I wouldn't say you got "taken" but I wouldn't buy one if I had the choice.

As for the Dyne. I've heard of the brand, but know nothing about it other than its existance. It looks like it would be much faster than the SanDisk you've got (if that 35x is right, its much faster than your camera can do. Nothing wrong with that, other than a bit of wasted money... but at $20, that isn't much of a waste.)


solara Dec 29, 2003 2:56 AM

What's a good match for the Powershot A80
That's what I hear on this board about the standard Sandisk CF card...that they are slow. But what exactly is their rated speed? I can't seem to find any info on the net about it.

And does anyone know what card speed would be the max for the Powershot A80? I went on the Canon website, but they did not publish that info.

voxmagna Dec 29, 2003 3:41 AM

.......And does anyone know what card speed would be the max for the Powershot A80?.............

In my experience, max card speed for a camera is when you can fill it in 640x480 movie mode without stopping until 'card full' message.

I tried a Transcend 45X 256Mb card in an A80 and it froze in movie after about 40 seconds. I reformatted the card as 8Kb clusters (from a default of 2K??) and movie ran the whole card until full.

So card speed is not the simple factor you think it is! Happy New Year. VOX

solara Jan 3, 2004 4:16 PM

is this correct?
I'm not so worried about the actual speed of the A80's writing since it's considered low-mid end and would not be very fast. What I'm concerned about is having a card that will at least write/read faster than the camera can....but without spending too much on cards that are way too fast for the camera. So I was hoping someone out there had figured out at what speed-rating the A80 maxes out at.

In any case, I found these stats on the Sandisk CF card and the Lexar CF cards at Do the numbers sound correct? The website did not state if the Sandisk was the basic one, the Ultra or the Ultra II...but I assume it's the basic.

Sandisk: Data transfer rate to/from Flash 4.0 MB/sec burst.
Data transfer rate to/from Host 6.0 MB/sec burst.

Lexar: Sustained write performance (host to flash):
600KB per second (4x Speed), 1.2MB per second (8x Speed), 1.5MB per second (10X speed), 1.8MB per second (12X speed)
Data transfer rate to/from host:
Up to 10 MB/sec (burst)
Data transfer rate (card to PC):
Up to 850 KB/sec

Too bad they don't provide the sustained write performance of the Sandisk. The price of a 4x Lexar is the same as the Sandisk, so is it safe to assume the basic Sandisk is 4x?

eric s Jan 3, 2004 6:53 PM

Those stats on the SanDisk sound way to high. The origional "sandisk" without the extremes or ultras or whatever else they tack on, are I think 4-6x. Very slow. The 10D can write to it at about 750K/sec. Of course, those newer sandisk version are much faster than that.

The usual statement here is that if you get a card between 8 and 12x you should max out your camera's speed. Only the really top end cameras ($1000+ SLRs) really take advantage of speeds higher than that.


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