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Default sandisk imagemate 6 in1 installation problem

well, i read the review on this card reader and seemed perfect.So i bought it. i am trying to install it since last week. ihave tried EVERYTHING!!! with no luck at all. my O/S is windows Me, and this thing is not plug & play at all !!! although is found by the system, it requires a driver which cannot be found anywhere. i have been in email contact with sandisk support but even they cannot solve my problem yet. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLS ??
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If it came with an install CD then a driver will be there somewhere. I run Win98SE and sometimes the installs have to be led by the hand to the driver file. Browse the Cd or installation disc folders. If you run an install off CD and it asks for a file, write down each file it asks for then do a search to find it. Search your OS CDROM, it might be on there.

If there is no CD you have a prob. They may assume your OS has a generic remote driver and USB software. Make sure the product is expected to work on ME if yes, do the latest MS update. Some plug and play problems are mother board BIOS related. I asume you have working USB? Have you tried a manual install?
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If a logical drive DOES show up, try right clicking on the icon for it and selecting Properties. For a SmartCard 6-in-1 card reader, I have had to do this once to recognize that a card was in the reader.
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Old Jun 8, 2003, 6:57 PM   #4
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You can download the drivers from sandisk.com, but you probably have already tried that.

My Sandisk 6-in-1 worked fine for several weeks until I put an SD card into it a few days ago. It locked the Win98SE system solid, and the computer hasn't been the same since. It often won't boot up. Norton DiskDoctor says computer is fine...how I wish that were true!
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Default SanDisk 6 in 1 installation

Regarding the Sandisk 6 in 1, USB 2.0 reader:
I am running Windows XP which is not supposed to require any installation help since all the drivers are built into XP. I had MAJOR installation problems and performance was very spotty UNTIL I found the solution!
Norton AntiVirus (NAV) seems to have some options that mess things up. The very easy solution is to turn off the scanning of Boot Records, which is under Options>Manual Scanning.
Everything is now running great. Too bad SanDisk does not tell anyone this because it is a HUGE problem judging by the responses on the Web.
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