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Default SanDisk ImageMate 8 in 1

Got an 8 in 1 Reader/Writer and it works great.... when it works. I've got it plugged in via USB port on my Dell Dimension 4500 Desktop, running XP. I've noticed that when I boot my computer, the ImageMate does not get turned on - (NO amber light, NO removable disk icons in MY COMPUTER.) If I remove the USB connector from the computer and then plug it back in, it works (usually, but not always) and I get proper notification. Sometimes I have to break connection / reconnect a second or even a third time! Since I'm running XP, I didn't have to load the software. Anybody else run across the same thing? Any recommendations? I've only had the reader about a week or so.

Thanks :?:
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Sorry I can't help with XP experience; as a data point, my 8-in-1 behaves properly under Win2000Pro on a Dell--also w/o any additonal driver s/w.

I am using a USB 1 connection through a 4 port hub.

I have read that some front panel USB ports behave differently than the rear panel ports [I have no clue why this would be the case], but if your rig has both, it might be worht a try to connect to the other port(s).
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Sometimes mine does that too. With the reader sitting in its cradle all you need do is pop it up briefly and reseat it and voilla! Beats unplugging the cable from the computer. Is the reader plugged into a USB port on the computer or is it going through a hub first? Some computers and some USB devices do not always work exactly the same if going thru a hub, even the very good hubs.

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Thanks, Steve and Jawz! I appreciate the replies.
I am not using a hub. Plugging it right into one of the USB ports on the back of the tower.
The same thing happened this morning and when I rocked it in its cradle as Steve suggested, it worked!

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