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fairy_lights Nov 23, 2010 8:21 PM

SanDisk Memory stick pro suddenly broken with crucial photos :(
Hi everyone.
I just got back from holiday and put my memory card from my sony camera into my card reader, then into PC (Dell, windows xp)
As usual all my photos and videos were there. I uploaded a vid to Twitter but it didn't seem to work.
10 mins later I went back to the pc to get all my data from the card and it has become toy-like :(

I've done everything you can think of- read through dozens of forums etc.

I also tried to get the data through my camera's connectors with no luck at all.

What's worse is if I put the memory card into my camera, it won't even switch on. It lights up for a second and turns itself off. Without the card it works fine.

My card reader also won't work whilst the card is inside, but fine without.

The photos & videos on this card mean more than I could say. I feel gutted and don't know what the hell happened or what to do.

Did twitter feed some sort of virus to it? All the photos were there, I saw them and literally out of the blue the card just stopped working.

Any help would be so very appreciated and thanks for reading this, Stephanie xx (London, UK)


Photo 5 Nov 24, 2010 11:25 AM

Try cleaning the contacts of the card with a pencil eraser......

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