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Default Sandisk Ultra vs Ultra II: Was I taken?

I bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 for my wife, who is very interested in using it for videos. It was not until I rec'd the camera that I learned that Panasonic recommends using a Class 6 card.

I had seen 10 MB/s listed as the recommended minimum in reviews (and it says that in the manual as well) and thought she'd be fine with a Sandisk Ultra II, Class 4, 15 MB/s.

I bought a Sandisk Ultra II 16 GB card on Amazon, but when I received it I noticed immediately that unlike the graphic shown on Amazon here:


what I received isn't marked Ultra II (I've attached a scan of the package, which I haven't opened yet). It does say that it's Class 4, but I'm really leery about this card, since I've read that a lot of bootlegs are out there.

1) Do you think I was taken in this one? (I paid $46.90.)

UPDATE: I did some searching and noted that Sandisk changed the name of the "Ultra II" to "Ultra" (so I was not taken).


But this question still remains:

2) Even if I wasn't necessarily taken, should I return this and get a Class 6 card? I've read other posts here about capturing video that suggest trying a Class 4 and seeing how it goes, but since she'll be the one doing it (not very technically inclined) I'd rather not risk her running into problems if this card won't be fast enough.

Sorry for the lengthy post...

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The specification listed for the SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card you bought (15MB/s) is the maximum read speed.

SanDisk also identifies it as a Class 4 card, meaning that its minimum sustained write speed is faster than 4 MB/s but less than 6 MB/s.

SanDisk has more info here: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1996

The listing on Amazon you linked to is for an Ultra II card, which is different from an Ultra card. If that's the listing you bought this card from, you got the wrong product.
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Thanks, TCav for clarifying the spec on the speeds and for providing the link.

About the card I bought, I updated this post just before you posted: Sandisk changed the name of the "Ultra II" to simply "Ultra." (I included a link to the SanDisk page where it explains it.) The packaging on the SanDisk matches what I bought.

(But I still think I'll get a Class 6 card.)
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If you are taking high burst rates or HD video it is a good idea to get a faster card. But I would try it out first, if it is to slow the camera will stop taking video because the buffer is over loaded, and the zs3 does not take burst rates fast enough to over load the buffer. If it has no issues then it can be money saved. JMTC
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Default sandisk class 4 vs class 6

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