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Hey Guys,

I have a question that might be off topic but here goes. I recently purchased a Kingston Elite Pro 512MB sd card for my Rio Cali mp3 player. The card was a great deal at Future Shop $59.99 Canadian. I'm starting to think that Kingston is selling them cheap because they are smaller than advertised though.

With every card or hard drive I have, they all are the correct size in My Computer. For example my Rio Cali has 256MB of internal memory. My Computer reports 256,675,897 bytes formats in fat16 to 244MB. Very much the same with my compact flash 256 card. Even my 80GB hard drive reads 80,xxx,xxx,xxx bytes formats in NTFS to about 74.5GB. I am aware of the that what the drive manufacturers consider 1MB is different from what Operating Systems consider 1MB and that is fine. The new card however is 495,xxx,xxx bytes formatted to 472MB in fat16. I would really expect it to be 512,xxx,xxx bytes formatted to about 488MB. I actually returned the card once because I thought it was faulty. I know there is a rebate,but is Kingston pulling a fast one?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help,

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I've got a couple of 512MB Panasonic Pro High Speed SD cards, and they both format to 472MB. My 512MB Memory Stick Duo, and 512MB CF cards format to closer to 488MB, so I'm guessing its part of the SD format spec.
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The 512 refers to unformatted size.
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Er...yes, but the question was why do SD cards format to different sizes than other media.
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