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shen Jun 19, 2005 11:58 PM

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ok, here's the deal. i have a Lexar 128 MB SD card that i've used in my minolta dimage g400 for quite some time now. 'quite some time' means enough to know the card works, but not enough for the card to be old and give out. within the past 6 months, i got it.

now, suddenly, after a vacation i've returned to, neither the computer or camera can pick up on the photos. i dont want to reformat because i do not want to lose the photos.

"havent you already lost the photos," you ask? well, here is one shining ray of hope.
in the surface folder (i have win2k) the information at the bottom admits that there is 32.8 mb of something in the camera. however, it wont give them up.

can anyone help me and my dear photos?

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