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tinytom21 Jul 16, 2005 10:25 AM

ok, i have a 1gb sd card (which will record 1 hour of video from my camera the sanyo vpc-5) and that is not enough. i am goin on holiday for 2 weeks, to a place with no computers and 1 hour of film wont be enough, so i need more storage. the easiest thing would be to but anoter sd card, but £50 a pop (for 1gb) its not cheap. the other option i was thinking of was buying a portable hard drive, with card reader, and putting them on there. is there any advice / cheap deals you could tell me about please ? and remember it needs to be able to be powered from the mains, not a usb cable, as there is no computer. i am looking to spend less than £70 and want about 10-20 gb of space (probably nearer 10 if thats possible) thanks in advance. tom

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