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I have always assumed thatmostly allUSB 2.0 SD card readers (multi or SD only) should have no problem reading and writing at approximately the same speed (dependent on the card and any issues with the way your system is set up). In other words, a the speed of USB 2.0 compliantcard readers should not vary significantly between readers.

However, when doing some research in another matter I came up with this statement:

Word of warning: Not all USB(2) card readers handle SD cards with 512Mb memory pages (i.e. 1Gb and above...) Some readers were designed for the older 128Mb paging spec and cause serious performance issues....
Does anyone know if this issue really exists and some card readers have performance issues with 512 mb memory pages? If so, anyone know how to find out whether a card reader has this issue, other then by testing it?

Secondly, anyone have any experience or heard of anySD card readers being significantly slower then other readers, assuming all are really USB 2.0 compliant (and don't just say they are USB 2.0 when they aren't actually USB 2.0). Anyone know why such issues could exist?
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i have a 1GB sd card and this reader works great
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Thanks for the info but I'm more interested in knowing whether this issue really exists at the moment rather then finding devices which do not have this problem (if there is a problem)
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