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Default SD Class10 vs USH-1

I am gong to be getting another D-SLR camera body soon (Pentax K-5ii) and looking for a memory card to go in it. It will be used mainly for taking wedding photos and news related work (maybe a few sporting events here and there). While I do not "Spray and Pray" I do like to use motor drive (fps) for the kiss, garter toss and a couple other key moments of the day.

What I am wondering is how much faster is a USH-1 card vs a class 10 card when shooting in RAW? I find on my Pentax K-5 body that when I use birst mode for some of these things the buffer fills up and limits the shots I can take for a period of time. What I want to have is the ability to do is take as many frames as possible for as long a span as possible before the buffer makes it so I can't get any more shots, so I get the perfect frame(s) for the bride and groom.......

Will I see a noticeable different in speed and length of the burst in a USH-1 vs Class10? Or something makes me want to say the buffer can only handle so many frames before its full no matter how fast my memory card is and the added speed won't matter much.

Any and all thoughts welcome. Also I have seems with Sandisc cards they have cards listed as USH-1 that are 45 and 90mbps........ and lexar has a card rated at 400x. Not sure how the x compares to mbps.

The card needs to be either 32GB or 64GB since I shoot RAW. What would you recommend as the specific card to get. I will have about $100max to spend on the card after I get the body and camera strap.

Thanks in advance

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