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Could anyone out there help me decide which card would meet my needs?

I am an advanced amateur photographer and in the past have been frustrated with (1) my camera not responding quickly enough for a next shot

(2) running out of memory -

I am trying to compare these SD cards to see if they will meet my needs. I ALWAYS shoot on the highest image size and resolution setting (you never know which shot you'll want to enlarge later!!). I used to have a 5MP camera and used a 1GB card which was fine, but I just recently bought the Canon A700 which is 6MP so I don't know how much more memory that will eat up . . .

What I'd like to know is this:

First - How many pictures would I approximatelybe able to fit on a 1GB card for a 6meg camera at best settings? How many would fit on a 2GB card?

Second - Will I really notice the speed differencebetween still shots (video is only for fun) on a 20 MB/sec card vs. 9MB/sec write speed? I read a review on cnet that says that speed is only noticeable for advanced cameras and SLRs . . . is that true?

Here are the cards I am comparing:

Sandisk 1GB Ultra II Plus - writes 9mb/sec has USB feature which is nice - $54.99
Sandisk 2GB Ultra II Plus - writes 9mb/sec has USB feature - $134.99
Sandisk 2GBExtreme III - writes 20mb/sec - no USB feature - $89.99

So far the 1GB card has decent price and the nice USB feature, I am just worried that itwill lag and cut me short onmemory -

Any advice out there???????????

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2816 x 2112 JPEG Super Fine Approx 2500kb file , around 361 on a 1gig card (camera estimation)

Size is only approx because as Dpreview say

As is the case with JPEG it's difficult to predict the size of an image because it will vary a fair amount depending on the content of the image (detail and noise).

FromDpreview also

Read/write performance is excellent - certainly over 5MB/s - and the A700 will definitely benefit from a fast SD card if you shoot a lot of pictures in rapid succession.

Dpreview did all its tests with an Extreme III card, though since you say itsw/ speed is 20mb/sec and the review found the camera was over 5mb/s whether it might be cheaper for you to use an Ultra II, unless you plan to be using burst mode every other shot..

Of course if you upgrade to a dslr in the future the card might actually be used at its maximum speed, so whether its worth the extra money now is up to you.
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All of those prices are GARBAGE.

Do not buy sandisk cards as they are really not any better than the other cards on the market.

I recently bought a 1Gig 133x ULTRA-branded card (actually a toshiba part with an ultra sticker on top) for $33USD and it works great. Tigerdirect.com

I know the speed is there because compared to my old 20x card, RAW images take 3/4 of a second to write, versus 6 or 7 for the old one.
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Here is a general rule of thumb - adjust accordingly on the size of your images

SD Card Capacity 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB
3MP Images 113 226 452 904 1808
6MP Images 55 113 225 450 900

In general I have found that the camera shops have higher prices

Also in general for fast delivery, and good prices try Outpost.com - which is the on line store for Fry's Electronics - They carry multiple brands and generally the lowest everyday prices I could find - from time to time they also run sales on the memory.

Here is just a sampling of the size, speed and prices

Transend 512MB 80x $18 - currently with an $8 rebate or $10 total
Transend 1GB 150x $28
Transend 2GB 150x $43
Transend 4GB 150x $85

I have the link at home - but someone did a pretty comprehensive good survey on flash memory performance - I'll post the link later.

I was looking for sdcards and found that several people had reported problems with A-Data cards.

I have had perfect experience with Transend, Corsair and PQI.

You also need to check the specs on your camera as to the largest size that it is capable with. Also at home I have a link to a site that has a list of various products and their maximum storage size capabilities...

Hope that helps

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thanks for your help - i 'll be interested in seeing what the information is on the link you have at home -

the info you have provided so far seems great -

i am pretty sure the 1GB is the right size for me

i guess now i just need to compare the speeds

the ultra II with the USB or the extreme III?

maybe when i read your link i can see if there will be a noticeable difference on the speeds -
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