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metaphorce Oct 14, 2003 12:18 AM

SD Write Speed
Anybody have any experience with SD cards of different write speeds, and how it affects performance in a camera - specifically a Pentax Optio S or S4?

I've been looking at states, and some cards claim "sustained transfer rates" around 2-3MB/sec. Some claim transfer rates "up to 16MB" or similar statements.

Any suggestions what's the fastest card, and if it really buys faster performance?

Steve M

sjms Oct 20, 2003 7:44 AM

when it says sustaimed xfr speed at xxx/s it does not refer to what enviroment. in a pure textbook ATA enviroment yes you will get top speed. through it in a PDA it will be different. through it in one camera or another one and the variations will be there too. why? because of many factors. it takes a greater amount of energy to write the to read. your camera is a somewhat multitasking device and battery powered. this means that it has a priority system to work with. focus read write fire recharge convert compress and a host of other little tidbits.

in short the card is surely capable of what it says but is the device your plugging it into that capable?

and in most cases the makers aren't telling

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