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Default SecureDigital Memory Cards - Brands?


I'm planning on purchasing a Kodak DX6340, which can use either SD or MMC cards. I've been told that SD are much more widely available than MMC, and they seem to be similiarly priced so my query is thus...

Are there any brands to avoid when purchasing cards such as these? I know with things like CDRs, when you buy lesser known brands you can get write/read errors.. does this happen with solidstate storage as well?

If i'm totally on the wrong track, please pull me up short and tell me where i'm going wrong. You guys seem to be the most knowledgable folk online when it comes to these things and I figure whatever you tell me, I'll go with..

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You are right, everything is indicting a shift to the Secure Digital format for most portable devices which were previously using MMC's.

You will be better off using the SD cards/ card equipped devices.

Expect to see the memory capacity of SD's to greatly overtake the MMC.
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sD and MMC really have the same form factor and pinout, they differ slighly only in thickness. sD is a 1-4 bit interface and supports the MMC format when its SPI mode is enabled -> Most if not all devices will therefore take either:

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Personal testing here has shown that the Lexar brand SD cards are many times faster than SanDisk and other brands. Lexar tells me that their SD cards are equivalent to their 32X speed CF cards in read/write speed and I believe it. Just check out the speed tests that I posted in my Lexar USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader review

So far I haven't seen any real difference in the performance of the camera when using these faster cards but I imagine it won't be long before we'll see high performance cameras using SD media. These faster cards sure make a difference when downloading to the computer when using one of the new USB 2.0 card readers though.

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