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I have recently moved to Norway for work and study from the US and I am having a problem figuring out what size Compact Flash card to purchase next. While living here I am doing a lot of traveling because, well it is so cheap. I have a Canon G5, owned for about a year now, and absolutely love it. When I first bought it I bought a 256 mb card in addition to the 32 mb that came with it. Well I recently went to London and Ireland and ran out of memory on both of them. Usually I take my laptop to off load them but I dont want to bring it with me because I really dont like taking it around all the time. Anyhow I am looking at getting another card for future trips and need some advice, I have heard that getting the larger card is dangerous because if it fails you loose a lot more info than if you are constantly switching smaller ones. I really dont know and was looking for some advice. The prices have goine down a lot since I purchased my 256, in fact the 512s are about what my 256 was so any info or directions would be greatly appreciated.
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1) Multiple cards are better than single cards for the reason you talked about.

2) You already have a baseline. How many days did it take you to fill up the 256 card?Divide that by the number of days you will be shooting and then add in a comfort factor (20% or so) to get the number.

3) Digital wallets are still an option. You can pick one up and use an inexpensive notebook hard driveto load it up.

4) Internet Cafes/Hotel Business centerscan be used also. Many have card readers (or you can bring one with you) and you can burn a CD of what you shot for the day.
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while I was looking it seems if you shop around a little you can find great deals on 256 and 512 meg cards right now.I wound up with a 512 and a 128 for around 65 bucks total (after rebates), both Sandisk. you probably need more storage than that but if it were me I'd keep my eyes open for deals and order additional cards for the camera. If you need to review while traveling I've seen CF only card readers for 15 bucks, they're small so you could pack that too and use practically any pc to review/dump the images.
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yeah it seems that the multiple option is the way that I am going to go, just so noting gets messed up and lost. I have seen 256s for next to nothing compared to what I paid for my original one, even though I would love to have a 1GB for what I am doing and the camera that I have it really doesnt seem to be the smartest investment, I can take the difference between the smaller and larger card and put it towards something like a telephoto lens or something. on the large and fine setting I can get 177 images out of the 256 and about 21 out of the 32, it took me about 5 days in Irealand to fill that up, but there were a lot of stupid snapshots also. thanks for the help and I will keep a look out for really good deals.
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You can find Sandisk Ultra II 512 mb for less than $50 if you look around.

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