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Default Someone teach me about cards!

So I own a Nikon D5000 SLR, and I currently have two 2GB Kodak SD cards that came with my Z980 when I bought it. These cards have been fine since I don't usually shoot in RAW, but more recently I have been using RAW format, and I need not only a card with more space, but one that will not hinder my camera's performance when shooting continuously in RAW. Basically, with the Kodak cards, my camera takes longer to process the RAW image files. Also, when I used my mom's 8GB card from her Lumix, there was more space, but once the card had over 200 pictures on it, everything processed really slow (and that was without RAW!)

I know nothing about the different types of cards other than how much space they have on them, so I was hoping someone could suggest a faster card that will allow me to use continuous shooting (I photograph horses, mainly, so I need something quick!) without slowing my camera down. Help please? =P
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First of all, the Nikon D5000 only uses SD/SDHC cards, so you really don't need to know about any other kinds of cards. The primary difference between SD Cards and SDHC cards is the capacity. As a result of that difference, there are a number of secondary differences but they are mostly to accomodate the larger capacity of SDHC cards.

SDHC cards are available in a variety of capacities and speeds. The speeds seem to be what concerns you most. Basically, the faster the card, the more quickly the camera can transfer an image to it, thereby letting you take a subsequent shot. But remember that RAW files are BIG, and shooting RAW continuously means that the camera has A LOT of work to do, so even with the fastest cards available (Class 10), you won't get the kind of performance you'll get when shooting JPEG continuously.

All the technical details are condensed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital
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