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I know about the robgalbraith website for CF cards is there a similar site for SD cards?

Also I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to find outthe max transfer rates for a camera, so I don't buy more of a card then I need,

the two camera's I'm really curious about are Canon A610 and the Sanyo C5.

Also another question just to throw out into the ether is it looks like SD cards are now faster then CF?!? I thought the reason SLR use CF was because they where able to transfer data faster...

Also a lot of the Cards thatClaim High transfer speeds seem to be made by manufactures that are less the reliable....
A-DATA 1GB Secure Digital
RiDATA 150x High Speed 1GB Secure Digital
Patriot Extreme Performance 1GB Secure Digital
Edge Tech EDGE(tm) ProShot(tm) 60X 1GB Secure Digital

But these I think I would trust:

Scandisk Ultra II 1GB
LEXAR Professional Series 1GB Secure Digital
CORSAIR 133x 1GB Secure Digital
Kingston Ultimate 2GB Secure Digital

(I personally would lean toward the Kingston memory for my choice...pricey though)

Thanks for all the help


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I don't know of any comprehensive site like that for SD, but I found one site that compared ATP, SanDisk, Lexar and Panasonic:


Have a look at their torture test!!

I think that, just like asking what kind of air should one put in ones car tires, it won't matter which brand card you use. They all work fine! Just ensure you have enough mb/gb to meet your needs, and enough write speed. Basically, anything over about 50X is plenty for most digicams, beyond that they can't send data to the card as fast as the card can write. So 133x or 150x is real overkill.

I bought ATP, simply because after discounts and rebates it was way cheaper than other brands.

Hope that helps!
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